And So, We Were

And So, We Were

And So, We Were is a collection of heartbreak stories based on nine real-life relationships. It is a visual celebration of the complexity of love, the physicality of heartbreak, and the lessons we learn after all is said and done.


Intended to be a conceptual art book series, each book is hand sewn and printed on transparent vellum. As the reader thumbs through the pages of each story, he or she will see through to the text already read and that on the pages to come—a reminder of the past and a glance at the future of the relationship. The further into the story, the clearer the lesson of the character's experience becomes.

This project involved interviewing people about a personal relationship that often ended poorly. Distilling these stories and re-authoring each one to create a consistent, emotional tone of voice and overall narrative for the set was a substantial part of the project process.


Design, INTERVIEWS & copy: Donica Ida